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Lost Portrait Photo Found!


Long sought image of the Shuteye Train returned.

Punk Writer Art & Artifacts

Here and there across the Internet you can find files of what has been called the Punk Writer Movement. Most of those files contain works of fiction, cultural commentary, self history(?), and some poetry. Harder to find are examples of punk art — paintings, sculpture in one or more mediums, historical or artistic photography, or computer graphics generally. There are multiple websites concerned chiefly with existential questions about the punk writers of Philadelphia, and some of these include representative handfuls of punk artwork, but these tend to be presented in an evidentiary role, addressing the increasingly open question of whether or not the movement ever existed in the first place.


This is not our concern. To heighten awareness about the works themselves, we choose to accept as provisional fact the unverified — and perhaps unverifiable — history of Punk City as it has been repeatedly proclaimed. We will not be debating here, for example, the claimed lineage of four kings on Philly’s South Street, the sudden violent end of a violent clandestine subculture, and the likelihood that a scattered population of surviving punk writers continued up to the present day, producing both written and visual/tactile works of art.


Hence our title and subtitle above. For our purposes one of the “little people” named Gypsy Jackknife overcame all the highly publicized features of Down Syndrome to become a versatile street artist, Boswellian raconteur, and finally, King of Punk City, fittingly nicknamed by his subjects The Minnow King. Why should he be our focus? More of him survives in what record there is than any other punk personage. If there is truth in the punk story, Gypsy is a miracle within a miracle, the supposed least of the least transcending fate to become a legend in punk’s diverse community of believers. Approach the contents of this site with the same degree of respect we do, and you will find simple faith to be more rewarding than corrosive cynicism. Let the existential controversy proceed elsewhere. Here there be punk writers and the mortal remains of their last leader and his predecessors.

Down to brass tacks as it were... or should it be down to the upside down maybe reality of punk painters, photographers and sculptors?